Sutme Sámi settlement

Sutme Sámi settlement

Hike to Sutme Sámi settlement in the Borgafjäll area. Following the hiking route you will walk nearby River Slipsikån. Make a stop Storfallet waterfall you can see the water descend from about 10 m hight. The trail is only 1,3 km one way but starts with quite a steep climb.

The hike to Sutme Sámi settlement starts at Sutme holiday village where you will find parking and signs.

Sutme settlement has been in use for at least 200 years and this is where the Sámi pepole from Borgafjäll and Storjola spent their summer- and autumn season. During the winter the familiies would move towards the coastal area of Örnsköldsvik.

In November 1968 Astrid and Lars Kroik left the settlement to move permanently to a small red cabin along the Borgavägen road. Most likely they were the last Sámi family living a nomadic life. Lars would later become the supervisor of the holiday village Sutme that was ready in 1970. He took care of the cabins until his death in 1983. His wife Astrid stayed until early 2000 when she moved to Dorotea at an age of 93.

Some history

Between 1926-1950 a school for Sami children in classes 1-3 was held at Sutme. There were three kåta buildnings (tipis) at the area: one school kåta, one home for the teacher Elsa Skott and one for the Goodwife. The children slept in a barn that is still standing at the site. They were playing in the forest and at the river where they also went fishing.