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Destination Dorotea – Borgafjäll: the best of South Lapland

Dorotea is the southernmost municipality in Lapland and is often called The Gateway to Lapland. The shape and form of the municipality resembles a miniature of Sweden and the area offers many different types of nature. In the south-east there are great areas with old forests and plenty of small lakes and ponds. The river Bergvattenån runs through Dorotea village and is actually floating in the “wrong” direction, towards northeast. The river is part of a longer canoe route where you are sourrounded by an amazing wilderness.

Around 30 kilometres northwest of Dorotea the enormous Blaikfjället extends. This low fell area is Sweden’s major marshland. In the spring this area is perfect for ornitologists and in the autumn the cloudberries paint the marshes in yellow.

In the far west, towards the Norwegian border, the magnificent mountain peaks can be seen, where Jen Jen is the highest peak and Klöverfjället the most beautiful, if we may say.

The chrystal clear waters of lakes and rivers are home to different fish species and in the large forests moose and bears are roaming around.

Last but not least, Dorotea is home to the Sámi people. The Sámi culture is mainly seen in the fell area around Borgafjäll. Here, several old homesteads can be visited and the reindeer hearding is an important businesses in the whole municipality.

Besides the main village Dorotea and the fell destination Borgafjäll there are several smaller villages to visit around the municipality. Here you find nice hiking routes and can visit churches, outdoor museums and interesting art and architecture. Some of the villages also offers accommodation and shopping.


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