Welcome to South Lapland and the Destinations Dorotea and Borgafjäll

In the southernmost part of Lapland you find Dorotea Municipality, also called The Gateway to South Lapland. In Swedish we call it “Lapplands Sydport”.

The shape of the municipality reminds you of a miniature of Sweden. The area extends from the high mountain peaks in Borgafjäll to deep forests and vast marsh lands around the main village Dorotea. The many lakes, ponds and rivers invite you to both fishing and paddling.

The welcoming wilderness of this area offers a lot of possibilities to adventures and at the same time you are never too far from services, food and accommodation. In different places around the municipality you can find interesting culture and history as well as art and architecture. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy local specialities at one of the restaurants.

Dorotea Summer Brochure 2023



What do you wish to do? Beautiful nature, encounters with the locals, unique art and architeture, great white spaces during winter… Let’s give you some inspiration and ideas what to do and see on your trip to the south of Swedish Lapland.




Allow yourself a cosy and comfortable stay after a day filled of activities. Choose between hotels, cabins and campsites in the south of Swedish Lapland.




Use the opportunity to experience local food and specialities. In the destinations Dorotea and Borgafjäll you find several nice restaurants. Bon appetit!



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”The landscape around Borgafjäll is absolutely stunning. And Dorotea is charming with a great coffee shop.”

– Maria Jansson