Prästhällan – the Priest’s Hill

Prästhällan – the Priest’s Hill

Hike to the so called Priest’s Hill nearby Hotel Dorotea. On a clear day you can see all the way to the mountain area Borgafjällen. The trail goes uphill through a beautiful forest with steep rocks.

You find Prästhällan on the eastern side of Lake Bergvattensjön and the real name of the hill is Oxhornsberget. The former priest and researcher Nensén used to take his daily morning walks to this hill and eventually the name changed.

Start the hike at Hotel Dorotea and follow signs towards Prästhällan. At the Bergsvägen junction you follow the sign towards Marikes hanverksbod. Haflway up the hill there is a sign marked Prästhällan. Now starts the climb through the sparse forest with mainly needle trees. After a few hundred metres there is a junction. To the right you have the viewpoint. If you continue straight down through the forest you will find Skolskogen shelter with barbecue area. To the left the trail continues to another shelter with a nice view towards the low fell of Blaikfjället. From here you can continue down to Lake Bergvattensjön.


Start/parking: At Hotel Dorotea 
Length: To the viewpoint it is a 500 m walk one way with possibility for loops up to 3 km
Difficulty: Easy to medium. The trail is partly quite steep 
Responsible for the trail: Dorotea municipality +46 942 14067

Here you find a map to the hiking trail Prästhällan!