Sutme Holiday Village

Sutme Holiday Village

Rent a cabin for a peaceful experience of the fells.

At the end of the road, almost as far into the fell area as you can get, you will find Sutme Holiday Village. Here you can rent cabins for self-catering. From Sutme you have a beautiful view over Lake Borgasjön and the fells and mountains are only a short walk away.

Summertime at Sutme offers great possibilities for fishing and hiking. From here you can access the new hiking trail Lapplandsleden or visit the old Sámi residence Sutme. Rent a fishing boat and try your luck at the lakes Borgasjön or Sannaren or go fishing at the River Slipsikån.

During the winter you can rent a snowmobile directly from here and explore the snow-covered fells and forests. You can also book a guided tour for you and your friends and family.

Sutme Holiday Village also organizes events and conferences for you and your company.

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