Caravan Museum Dorotea

Caravan Museum Dorotea

Visit the caravan museum in Dorotea and go on a nostalgic trip into the Swedish camping history!

In Dorotea you find the only caravan museum in Sweden. It belongs to the caravan producer SoliferPolar which still has production in Dorotea. In the museum you can see how caravans have developed from the 1960’s and onwards. Here you find the third caravan that was produced in neighbor village Junsele. Next to the caravans you can also see typical accessories from caravan life, like matching jogging dresses, plastic cuttlery and the foaldable camping table.

During the 1960’s the camping trend got really big and this is when Polar started to produce caravans.  The first fabric was located in an old barn in Junsele but after a fire there the production moved to Dorotea.

Polarvagnen caravans are produced on the opposite side of the road from the museum, along the road E45, and every caravan is still built by hand. The company SoliferPolar is one of the biggest companies in Dorotea.

The caravan museum is open during the summer and at the entrance there is a small souvenir shop. Here you can buy different items with the very famous polarbear-logo.

Contact us for more information about opening hours or visit the website for Polarvagnen.


During summer 2023 the caravan museum is open from 26th of June until 19th of August:

Monday – Friday from 10 am until 5 pm. Closed for lunch between 12 am and 1pm

Saturday from 12 am until 4 pm.

Sunday closed